Adya Clarity’s Water Filter Purification Technology

Adya Clarity Water Filter is a natural blend of purified water and concentrated ionic sulfate minerals. The Adya mineral extraction and water purification processes are protected under U.S Patent 4,776,963.

Similar to municipal water treatment, Adya Clarity purifies water in a 4-step process:

  1. Flocculation: When added to water, Adya Clarity causes dissolved, invisible contaminants to come out of suspension.
  2. Coagulation: Next, the contaminants are neutralized as they clump together and become insoluble.
  3. Precipitation: Once coagulated, the insoluble, neutralized contaminants solidify as they precipitate out of solution.
  4. Deposition: The precipitates settle and are deposited as sediment at the bottom of your water container.

This 4-step process allows the precipitated contaminants to be easily filtered. We recommend using the Adya Water Filtration System in conjunction with Adya Clarity for best results. When not using our filtration system, it can take 24-48 hours (depending on water quality) for precipitates to settle to the bottom of your water container. The Adya Water Filtration System begins filtering the coagulated, neutralized contaminants immediately, making your drinking water readily available for consumption.

The final step in municipal water treatment is to add disinfectants, this step is eliminated when using Adya.

The final step in municipal water treatment is to add disinfectants, such as chlorine or chloramines, which are toxic chemicals used to help control disease-causing microbes. This step is eliminated when using Adya Clarity as our natural solution has the ability to purify water without the use of toxic chemicals. In fact, Adya Clarity removes 100% of chlorine and reduces chloramines, fluoride and other disinfection by-products to undetectable limits.

Why Adya?

Adya’s products are non-toxic, 100% natural, BPA free of synthetic chemicals and 100% natural.  Adya’s products remove or reduce more contaminants than the leading filtration brands, are safe for you and the environment, and give your water a pure, delicious taste.

Our products remove or reduce more drinking water contaminants than the leading filtration brands.

The Adya Clarity Water Filter Family of ProductsThrough testing conducted by an independent, U.S. EPA-certified laboratory, our products have been proven to remove or reduce over 250 contaminants from water. Compare the ability of Adya’s products to any of the leading brands, and you will see why Adya is the manufacturer who provides the most comprehensive solution for water treatment.

Our products effectively remove or reduce the following drinking water contaminants:

water-splash2Our products are better for you and better for the environment.

Water pollution is one of the world’s biggest problems. Not only does contaminated water damage our health, but it damages the health of our environment as well, killing plant and animal life and damaging ecosystems.Adya provides a solution that will benefit all living things as our products can be used to clean any freshwater source; whether from your tap, well, lake, or pond.

By cleaning water, Adya’s products help clean the air. Certain chemicals, like Volatile Organic Comounds (VOC’s), easily evaporate from water and end up in the atmosphere. By reducing these chemicals in water, Adya’s products help reduce them in the air as well.

Adya’s products help reduce greenhouse gases and landfill waste by eliminating the need for bottled water; so you can get pure, fresh water without all the waste. Talk about refreshing!

Glass of pure filtered WaterOur products improve the taste of water.

Taste is one of the main reasons people choose to filter their water. Unlike other filtration brands that only reduce 97% of chlorine, Adya’s products remove 100% of chlorine, completely eliminating any nasty pool water taste. Adya Clarity contains essential trace minerals which help give your water a crisp, refreshing taste.

Our products are 100% natural.

Adya Clarity is a blend of purified water and naturally occurring ionic sulfate mineral salts that purifies water without the use of toxic, synthetic chemicals.


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